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 I remember one day when I was at a local sawmill waiting to pay for my lumber. Rubbing my hand across a fresh cut pine board, the smells of the fresh-cut trees filled the air. For a moment, it brought me back to a time when I was about five. I was home patiently waiting for my father to appear at the door. I heard a noise and looked up, a man with a red wool flannel covered with sawdust. I remember that same smell filling the room that was at the lumber yard. My father with his worn hands from a day of VT logging gently reaches in his pocket and pulls out an orange Newt, a treasure from Nature.

I've always liked working with wood. I loved the creativity that my father instilled in me. I love to create products that are Vermont nature-inspired. I like to create products that provide income for my family as well as the flexibility to spend time with them.

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